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Team Training In Miamisburg, OH

Team Training

Team Training

The arms race in athletics has reached high school aged athletes and beyond likely due to the trend of early specialization that’s only become more prevalent during the last decade. Every sport is highly competitive, year round, and proper strength & conditioning protocols aren’t always prioritized the way they should be. In a perfect world schools could hire dedicated, experienced strength & conditioning coaches but that’s typically not the case. If you know anything about how we do things, you know we always intend on doing them right while holding it all to the highest standards. We’re taking this same attitude to team training with distinct packages that can be customized to work for any school team or private organization. Coaches and administrators, here’s your chance to hire the most experienced and knowledgeable team of strength & conditioning professionals in Southwest Ohio to help you gain the edge you’re striving for.


Our team training packages consist of 3 weekly sessions for a period of 12 or 24 weeks; two coached and one remote training session. Our staff will lead the two coached sessions on site, in our facility or off site at your school, field, or training facility. We program the third, remote session allowing teams to implement it however they’d like. It could be independent work for athletes to complete on their own or delivered in person by the team’s sport coaches.

We recognize the need to offer team training but will always stay true to what has made us who we are. The two coached sessions will ensure teams make the minimum commitment to achieve results, while the third session is a great bonus to maximize the value.

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