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Physical Therapy In Miamisburg, OH

Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy

We believe in putting the needs of our patients first. Since that’s the case, our Physical Therapy practice is cash-based, out of network to better meet the needs of our patients, improving their outcomes which is what it’s all about. We accept Health Savings Accounts (HSA) but cash-based therapy is superior to traditional physical therapy clinics who accept insurance and are forced to play by their rules and we’ll explain more about what that means below.

  • First and foremost, insurance companies are for-profit entities that do not make their rules and regulations based on what’s best for people seeking PT treatment. Most insurance companies require referrals and other red-tape authorizations that only impede things initially, during the crucial acute stage of an injury when it’s important to seek therapy as quickly as possible. Most insurance plans also limit the amount of sessions or types of treatment they’ll reimburse for, handcuffing your therapist on what they can and cannot do. For severe injuries, insurance companies sole concern is getting the client back to minimum functional capacity. Any serious athlete knows the minimum is far from being ready to return to sport or whatever else they love to do. Additionally, insurance companies also like to include pricey co-pays for physical therapy that ends up being a significant out of pocket expense. For all these reasons and more, cash-based therapy has gained popularity nationwide and only continues to grow.

  • Here’s what all that leads to for traditional PT clinics adhering to these insurance company policies. Short, overlapping or even double booked sessions lasting anywhere from 15-30 minutes with an actual therapist. A lot of clinics will keep you there for an hour or longer but fill that time with passive forms of treatment such as heat and ice that could easily be done at home. They’ll also fill time with simple, easy exercises that could also be done anywhere but in the clinic when your needs should be put first. We can’t blame traditional PT clinics and do not look at them as competition because plenty of people need quality care. Their overhead expenses are much greater than a small practice like ours, sharing space with an established private gym, forcing them to conform to these policies and conducting their business much differently.

  • Here’s what all that means for our patients. At Renegade Physical Therapy, we offer full hour long sessions that are always 1 on 1 with your therapist. You’re not sharing time slots with other people, our sole focus is working with one client at a time. Beyond treating immediate symptoms and providing relief, more time spent with our therapists means they’re able to find the root cause of the problem and work on fixing it from constant re-aggravation. We believe patients should have plenty of manual therapy in their plan of care which includes trigger point massage, scraping, cupping, dry needling, and joint mobilizations among others. Traditional PT clinics limit the amount of manual therapy patients receive. Greater time spent, along with less limitations on what our therapists can do, also means you can likely heal and recover in a shorter amount of time. Less sessions overall saves you time and money. We guarantee you’ll love our holistic, personal approach to physical therapy so get in touch today and let’s get to work helping you get better!

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