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Sports Performance in Miamisburg, OH

Dayton's #1 Sports Performance Program

Sports Performance

High School, College, and Professional Athletes

Our Sports Performance program is designed to help athletes of all levels reach their full potential. Whether you're a high school athlete looking to take your game to the next level or a professional athlete looking to improve and prolong your career; we have the tools and expertise to assist you.

Strength Training

Every athlete needs the right kind of strength training to improve their performance and build greater resiliency to prevent injury. We train our athletes in every plane of movement, well balanced in each primal movement pattern, with the right amount of volume and intensity.

Speed & Agility Training

Improve linear sprinting speed, lateral movement, agility in every direction along with three dimensional power and explosiveness with our speed & agility training program. These half hour sessions are built to compliment our strength training the way it should be to maximize them both and optimally develop athleticism.

Genesis Training

Younger athletes between the ages of 10 and 14 start in our Genesis program to gain experience and acclimate themselves to training outside their sport(s). Once athletes gain three months experience and turn 14, they are welcome to transition to the Sports Performance groups.


Renegade offers month-to-month memberships after a three month initial enrollment. Physical transformation and the development of strength, speed, power and explosiveness requires a serious commitment for a minimum of 12 weeks. If you don’t have that level of dedication starting out then Renegade is not the right place for you. Payment options are flexible and most of our clients choose to pay in monthly installments.



The one session per week package is meant for busy athletes who still understand the importance of putting in extra work to gain an edge on their competition. It’s a great in-season option while time is limited as well as a great option for multi-sport athletes who have a lot going on. It’s certainly a great option we’re glad to offer but athletes taking advantage of this package need to temper expectations. Athletes will undoubtedly receive some great coaching and get some productive work in but significant results can take longer to show at only one session per week.



The two session per week package is optimal for athletes who want to outwork their competition. Over the years we’ve trained countless over achievers who have accomplished some amazing things and the majority of them made time to train with us for at least two sessions per week. We realize it isn’t easy, but we highly recommend this package, especially for new athletes getting started with us for the first time. Athletes who commit themselves to this package will receive noticeable results as quick as humanly possible while also spending enough time with us to absorb and retain the world-class coaching they’ll receive.




The three session per week package is another great option for athletes who have time to fit them in. Athletes are specializing earlier than ever which can be a good thing if they use their time wisely. Specializing early can also be a disaster if athletes don’t ever give themselves a break from their sport prioritizing their long term athletic development through well rounded strength and conditioning. The three session per week package is for athletes who have a true offseason and want to use their time training as efficiently as possible.

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