Seth Walker

Seth Walker


About Coach


Seth has been coaching with us at Renegade for about a year, but that’s not where his journey in the field of strength & conditioning began. He has extensive experience dating back to 2010 at multiple gyms throughout the Country. Seth is originally from Texas and graduated from East Texas Baptist University with a bachelor’s degree in Biology along with a minor in Kinesiology. He started out primarily coaching CrossFit and has been head coach at two separate boxes, Premier CrossFit along with CrossFit Mountain Movers. His interest in CrossFit got him more involved coaching Olympic weightlifting, he went on to found Athleo Barbell Club in Tyler Texas back in 2014. He stays involved with that club remotely and they’ve produced numerous national level athletes. Seth has acquired his USAW Level 2 Advanced Sports Performance Coaching certification and is recognized as a National Coach since he’s successfully helped develop dozens of national qualifiers.

In addition to his CrossFit and weightlifting experience, Seth also holds his Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) from the NSCA along with holding his Performance Enhancement Specialist certification from NASM. Most recently, Seth worked as a performance coach at East Carolina Sports Performance while concurrently holding the title of head coach of East Carolina University’s Olympic weightlifting team. He enjoys helping young athletes of all kinds work towards their goals in a group setting along with personal training when the situation calls for it.

One of the main reasons Seth has moved around quite a bit over the years is to support his wife as she pursues a career as a surgeon. That’s what brought their family to Dayton, his wife Hannah is in residency in the area. Seth and Hannah have a 6 year old boy named Josiah, they enjoy spending as much time together as a family as possible. We’re proud as can be to add Seth to our coaching staff, we know he’ll be another huge asset to our community, please make him and his family feel welcome.